Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Year in Review: 2014


We started out the year in a super way - Super Harris!

We started Nolin's Preschool & began with the letter A.  Through the next several months, we went through the entire alphabet & had lots of fun learning.


We celebrated Valentine's Day & of course I had to get cute props.

I realized this month what a big girl Nolin was becoming.


This month, Nolin & Harris both had their first haircuts.

We took a break from our letter study in Nolin's Preschool to study & celebrate Dr. Seuss, one of our favorite authors.  Some friends joined us for some of these activities.

Nolin & Harris became some serious dancers.

Harris started gymnastics class.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some fun activities.

Nana & PopPop came to visit Seattle this month!  Unfortunately Nana got sick while she was here visiting.  :(

We experienced our first Festival of Colors celebration with friends.


Nolin & I enjoyed a fun Mother-Daughter Tea Party date at her friend Chloe's birthday & then we had a fun little photo session in downtown Snohomish.

The kids & I took a trip up north to Tulip Town for the annual Tulip Festival with our friends Karen & Calla. 

We celebrated Easter!

Of course we also had several fun Easter activities to do.

On April 26th, Nolin Leigh turned three!  I started a yearly interview with Nolin this year.  It will be cute to see how she answers things every year.

We celebrated Nolin's 3rd Birthday with two fun parties - a playdate at our house & a gymnastics party with her good friend Calla!  

Nolin & Calla also had their very first sleepover to celebrate turning three!


Apparently May was a pretty laid back month for the Markham's.  We did continue doing lots of fun lessons at home.


We celebrated Father's Day with Daddy.

We took a trip back to Kentucky this month to visit family.  We got to enjoy some fun on the farm while we were home.  

I set up a fun classroom for Nolin's Preschool.

Nolin, Harris, & I enjoyed our annual strawberry picking trip!

The kids & I went to a Seattle Mariners game with friends.  This was Nolin & Harris' first MLB game.  Unfortunately Daddy was out of town.

We enjoyed some yummy summer watermelon & got a little silly.


We celebrated our Independence Day with come good friends in Oceanside, Oregon.

Of course there were fun Independence themed lessons this month too.

We enjoyed raspberry picking & blueberry picking this month!

This was also a sad month for Harris.  He got sick & just couldn't stay hydrated.  So the poor guy ended up at the ER for fluids twice!


This month, Nannie & Papa came to Seattle to visit.

We also celebrated mine & Paul's birthdays this month.  Paul turned the big 4-0!  I surprised him with a sitter for the kids & a nice dinner for us with friends.


We had some fun family baking time making zucchini bread.

The kids & I went vegetable picking & lots of fun play at a nearby farm.

We spent a fun day at Remlinger Farms with our friends, the Yoshikawa's.

Paul & I celebrated 9 years of marriage on September 11th!  I can't believe next year will be ten years!  Something big has to be in the works...

We took our first trip to an Apple Orchard here in Washington.  This place was huge!  We had a lot of fun!

Nolin even got her first face painting!


This month we got to pick grapes for the first time!  The kids also enjoyed some play at a friend's new farm.

My sister & her family came to visit.  Nolin & Harris enjoyed having their cousins here!

We also enjoyed some fall fun at several local pumpkin farms.

We celebrated Halloween with some fun activities here & here.  The kids also had several fun Trick-or-Treating events. 

We enjoyed some family pumpkin carving time.


I started crocheting this month!  It is such a fun hobby.  I've made hats for several family members & I even made cute little stuffed animals for the kids.  I can't wait to start making more!

We attended the 2nd annual "Friendsgiving" dinner with some good friends.

We traveled to Kentucky to spend Thanksgiving with our family back home!


Nolin went to her very first dentist appointment & then we enjoyed getting our nails painted together.

We enjoyed my favorite time of the year - Christmas!  It is so much fun now that the kids are getting older.  :)  I love all of the events & activities around here.  I wrote about a few of them.   I also shared about Christmas Eve & Christmas morning with the Markham's.

Of course we also did some fun Christmas activities here & here.

Harris William turned two years old!  We celebrated his 2nd birthday with a little playdate celebration on December 29th!

Looking forward to what 2015 has in store for the Markham family!

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