Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Fun! {part two}

We've continued having some learning fun with 'Melt a Snowman' activity.  I froze a snowman & then let the kids at it.  

Nolin & Harris used warm water to help melt the snowman.  Slowly they were able to collect some of the snowman's parts.

Harris collected his pieces in his cup.

Nolin discovered that it would be faster to put the snowman pieces directly into the warm water.

After the kids melted the snowman, we collected & sorted all of the snowman parts.

We made Santa beards with paper plates & cotton balls.

Nolin showed hers off with her "Ho Ho Ho!"
Harris thought his beard went on top of his head!
Nolin practiced identifying & matching upper & lowercase letters.  The uppercase letters were written on the tree & the lowercase were written on the ornament stickers.

Showing off her work!
Nolin & I made Christmas lights to hang, decorated with Nolin & Harris' names.

Nolin practiced identifying numbers & counting with this cute snowman game.  She would choose a hat to put on her snowman & then had to identify the number & count out that many buttons.  She did great!

This was one of Nolin's favorite activities - wrapping presents!  This was great for fine motor skills. She would find a toy to wrap in each box & then put a box under the tree for each of us.  :)

The family had fun opening the presents later!

We don't get snow much here in Seattle, so the kids made some for themselves.  They decorated snowflakes with cotton balls.

Then the kids painted pictures with snow paint - white glue & shaving cream mixed together.

Nolin worked really hard on her snowman.  :)
Finally, I attempted to make Santa Slime.  Key word here - attempted!  This was a big Pinterest fail on my part.  LOL  So the Santa Slime it supposed to look like this on the Growing a Jeweled Rose blog.  Well, I apologize now, but my slime didn't turn out so slimy & looked a bit creepy. Nonetheless, the kids still enjoyed playing with this sensory substance.  It was super cool, b/c you could make it into a ball & it would bounce!  That's definitely not slime! Ha!

On Christmas Eve, we play to make sensory snow & decorate Christmas cookies!  :)

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  1. i love all of these activities!!! i'll try to adjust some of them to a non-christmas ambiance, so we can make them at home!