Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Harris & the IV's

My poor little buddy had a rough time last week.  He woke up on Monday morning vomiting, so I took him to the doctor.  We were told it was a bug & we were given some nausea medicine.  

On Tuesday, the diarrhea started too.  I tried to get him to drink water or pedialyte, but he wasn't interested.  I was able to get him to eat some Cheerios & applesauce, but he didn't always keep it down. 

By Wednesday morning, he was not drinking anything & just seemed so miserable & weak.  His lips & mouth were dry & he had a bone dry diaper that morning.  So, after consulting with the nurse, I took him to the ER for fluids.  He was dehydrated - not severely, but enough to require an IV.  :(  It was an experience taking care of my boy & taking care of Nolin in the ER for four & a half hours.  We survived, but Momma was on edge by the time we left.  The fluids helped Harris immediately & I was hopeful that he would be on the mend.  

Unfortunately, he wasn't a well as I had hoped on Thursday.  The vomiting & diarrhea continued.  He still would only eat some Cheerios & applesauce.  

By Friday morning, he was as week as he had been on Wednesday & still struggling.  I decided to drive him to Seattle Children's Hospital this time.  Again, they found that he was moderately dehydrated & gave him IV fluids.  Luckily, my good friend, Annabelle, allowed Nolin to go to her house for a playdate.  This allowed Nolin to have a little fun, after being cooped up in the house all week, & allowed me to give Harris my full attention.  

Resting at Seattle Children's Hospital
Loving on his Panda bear that the nurses gave him.

On Saturday, Harris was still feeling a little weak, but by Sunday he was a new little man!

It was so sad to have to put him through two different IV's, but there was no way I was going to let my baby boy get severely dehydrated.

I have no idea why this "bug" was so hard on Harris, or why the rest of us didn't get it, but I am so glad I have my happy, healthy little guy back!

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