Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Fun - Part One

We've been enjoying this Halloween season by getting messy & having fun with some spooky things!

Shaving cream, spiders, & spooky eyes, oh my!


Harris wasn't fond of being covered in shaving cream!
ohhhhhhhhh, spooky!
We have also done a few Halloween & Fall themed lessons.

Nolin practiced identifying numbers & counting candy corn.

Then she practiced using scissors, by cutting out the candy corn pieces.
Lastly, she glued the numbers in order.

All done!
The kids & I took a walk to collect some gorgeous maples leaves.

& we made our own maple tree at home!
We played with baking soda spiders & vinegar.

The spiders dissolved in the vinegar...

& there were tons of baby spiders!!!
After rescuing all of the babies, the kids enjoyed playing in the fun mixture.

There will be more spooky things to come... ;)

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