Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve Shenanigans

I love Christmas Eve!  I am loving the traditions we have started with the kids too.  Here are the ornaments for this year...

The back is super cute too.  It has their names & the year listed.

We do four gifts for Christmas - Something you want.  Something you need.  Something to wear. Something to read.  We also do stocking stuffers.  Although this year I am super excited about this surprise I made for Nolin & Harris.  I'm thinking I should add "Something handmade" to our yearly gifts.  :)

The kids open most of their gifts on Christmas morning.  But we always open a family gift on Christmas Eve.  It is always something that we can do together.  This year, we have two family gifts, b/c Mommy & Daddy both bought one.  

The first family gift was a fun set of playstix, so we can build together. 
The second family gift was an awesome tent!
Of course we put it up so we could enjoy some family camping.

Nolin got pretty comfy.

Pretty sure Harris enjoyed it too!
We planned to camp out together as a family (in the house) on Christmas night.  That lasted about 20 minutes.  LOL

Two of these Markham's don't look sleepy!  :P
Before we opened our family gifts on Christmas Eve, we had some fun decorating (& eating) Christmas cookies.

Mommy made a snowman too!

We had a few tragedies with the cookies.  Harris thought he should try each one!
Nolin mostly enjoyed licking the frosting!
Another fun Christmas Eve activity we enjoyed was playing in the snow!  Since we didn't have any real snow, we made our own with baking soda & shaving cream.  It was really fun to play in!  Do you want to build a snowman??

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve & we hope you did as well!

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