Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

I love any excuse for fun activities, so of course we had to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  I found a fun little Leprechaun gold search on the blog - Fun at Home with Kids.  So, I created my version of a few of the activities for Nolin.  She had a blast!

{The Task}

It started with a letter from Lucky the Leprechaun asking for Nolin's help searching for lost golden coins (or as Nolin calls them - gold doubloons like in Jake & the Neverland Pirates).
{Day One}

Nolin found her first clue...
Lucky the Leprechaun lost some of his gold coins in his shaving cream!  Nolin really enjoyed sifting through all of the shaving cream, glitter, pom poms, & sequins to find the gold coins.
{Day Two}

Lucky had a freezer mishap & lost some of his coins in ice. 
No worries...Nolin took a hammer to it & recovered the coins!
{Day Three}

We heard a commotion in the kitchen one night & it turns out that Lucky had a baking mishap.
Nolin dug through the muffins gone bad to find gold coins.
She also used vinegar to dissolve the muffins & make sure she didn't miss any coins.
She had a lot of fun with this little mess left behind by Lucky the Leprechaun!
{Day Four}

Nolin found a note from Lucky the Leprechaun.  He asked for her help in locating his treasure map so that she could find the last of his gold coins.  Nolin followed the clues to find the treasure map.
She was super excited to go on a treasure hunt.  Due to the crazy rain, this hunt had to be indoors.
Deep concentration...
Daddy helps by reading the clues.
Nolin is giving a clue to Daddy to read out loud.
Nolin found the treasure map!  Now to find the treasure...
X marks the spot!
Now to discover the treasure...
Sorting Lucky's gold coins & Nolin's green coins. :)
This was so much fun!  Nolin loved having a treasure hunt, so I'm sure we will have many more.  She knew exactly what the X on the map meant.  When Nolin & Daddy found the spot, she took her shovel to find the "pretend" treasure.  I love that she has such a fun imagination.  She was even more excited when she discovered that there was a real treasure!

{Day Five}

Nolin left the gold coins out for Lucky the Leprechaun & today he left her a very special rainbow surprise!

I think she enjoyed it!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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