Sunday, June 15, 2014

More Kentucky Fun!

We also enjoyed time with my side of the family on our visit to Kentucky.

Nana & Pop Pop with all of their grandbabies - Mission Impossible!
Look!  We got a decent picture of all the grandbabies. :)
Silly Siblings
Nana & Pop Pop
We were super lucky to be able to see my nephew play in his last t-ball game this year.

Proud of this boy!
We also enjoyed a visit to see my grandmother.

Grandma Barnes with all of her great grandbabies

We also visited my grandma & grandpa's farm for the last time, as someone else now owns it. :(

Cousin Love

Big chair, little boy!
Bumps & Bruises!  Love these old chairs...many pictures were taken with my grandma & grandpa sitting in these.
Nolin & Papa Barnes
Me & the kids with their Papa Barnes - my Daddy
Me & the kids with their Aunt Brooke
We can't wait until our next trip home!

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