Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite children's authors.  His birthday is March 2nd, so we had some fun celebrating this week, along with our letter G activities -- here.  Here are some of our fun Dr. Seuss activities...

We watched The Lorax & Nolin sported her Lorax mustache.
We read Ten Apples Up On Top.  Nolin drew a picture of herself & then counted out ten apples to put on top of her head.
We read The Eye Book & then Nolin drew pictures of things that she sees with her eyes.  This ranged from trees to a tent (in our den) to Jake & Izzy the Neverland pirates.  :)
We read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?  Then we prepared to go outside on a sound hunt.  I asked Nolin to make predictions about the sounds she might hear outside.  She wanted to tell me all of the sounds from the book, so I had to really help her with this.  After predictions, we went outside to explore.  We talked about all the sounds we could hear & then came back inside to record them.  After that, I helped Nolin circle the predictions that were correct & cross out the ones that we did not hear.  It was a beautiful day to go exploring!

We read Hop on Pop.  Then N olin & Harris got to hop on bubble wrap to pop the bubbles!  It was tons of fun & I loved seeing Harris attempt to jump.  :)  Nolin & I also played a balloon popping game.  I wrote letters & numbers on some green balloons.  First we separated the letters & numbers.  Then I would tell her a specific letter or number to go find.  Once she found the correct one, she got to pop it.  She loved this game.  Don't worry...there was adult supervision!
This week we were also able to have some learning fun with friends...

Our friends brought some adorable Dr. Seuss foods for lunch...Horton Hears a Who sandwiches & Cat in the Hat yogurt cups!
The kids watched Horton Hears a Who & made Horton hats.
Nolin models her Horton hat & the clover with the tiny speck.  :)
We read The Cat in the Hat on Dr. Seuss' birthday.  I made some Cat in the Hat fruit skewers.
This Cat in the Hat is not so sure about that! ;)

Nolin & a friend made Cat in the Hat masks.  (sort of...they might have talked their Mommas into doing most of the work!)


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