Monday, December 29, 2014

Harris William - Two Years Old

Harris William is two!!!

Well, it's official...I no longer have any "babies".  There's something about the age of two...Harris is starting to look like such a big boy!  Even though he is on the small side.  ;)

Harris is such a little talker.  I'm amazed by all of the leaps he has in language.  It's funny the phrases that he learns from Nolin.  One of my favorites is when he says "All day long!"  I just love how he stresses it.  He will say it after almost anything. "No, I no nap!  I stay awake all day long!"  :)

Some of my favorite little things that Harris says/does:
  • He calls the iPad "hiPad".  
  • He says "thank you Mommy" for everything.  Such a polite little fellow!
  • I love when he says, "no funny, Mommy!"  My favorite was when he said it to me because I told him at 5 am one morning that it was not time to get up & it was still dark outside.  He thought we were still in Kentucky, I suppose.  LOL
  • For the longest time, Harris told us that the pig says "meow".  When we finally got him to say the right sound, he would say "boink!"  Super cute!  
  • Harris loves mittens!  The boy wants to wear them all the time.  If he doesn't have mittens, he will take off his socks & put them on his hands!  
  • Harris loves to sing the clean up song.
  • Some of his favorite songs/artists are Shake It Off, Cool Kids, Rascal Flats, & Burning Down the House.  The majority of the time in the car, he asks to listen to Burning Down the House.
  • Harris can count to 12 by himself.  I think he likes math.  One of his favorite shows is Team Umizoomi.
  • He loves to play pretend.  He & Nolin play a lot - usually Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, & The Octonauts.  These are some of his favorite shows.  He also loves Caillou & Mickey Mouse
  • Harris loves to wear his sunglasses.  Half of the time, he even wears them inside!

Harris can be super independent, but he can also be pretty dependent on us, or you might say stubborn!  A lot of the time he will say, "I do it by. my. self."  He really stretches it out the cutest. But when he doesn't want to do something, he will fuss & have a toddler tantrum, usually yelling something like, "No, Mommy get it!"  I have to keep myself from giggling at his tantrums, but they can be pretty entertaining.  He once had close to a 30 minute tantrum because I wouldn't pick up his milk cup for him! :)

Often times (at least in pictures) Harris looks quite serious & in deep thought.  He really takes things in & gets into what he is doing.  Every now & then I capture a picture of him with the most precious smile.  & he has the sweetest laugh!

We haven't officially started potty training with Harris yet.  He did first pee in the potty at 21 months. Since then, he has used the potty off & on.  Surprisingly, he does better going #2 in the potty.  I think it's more often the other way around.  But I can't complain about him telling me when he needs to go & getting him to the potty to do it!  Sometime after the New Year, we will probably try to officially tackle the potty training.

Typical Man!
It's funny to watch the relationship between Harris & Nolin.  They love each other & can be so sweet to each other.  Harris learns a lot from Nolin.  This can be good & bad!  But while they love each other, they do push each others buttons.  It's funny how Harris already knows how to bug Nolin.  He will chase her around pretending to be a monster or chase him with a fake bug.  It's pretty funny.

One of my favorite things about Harris is that he loves all things - girl & boy!  He loves to build on his workbench with his tools, but he also loves to feed his baby dolls & push them in his stroller.  I hope this doesn't change.  :)

Harris is still napping, but he is really fighting it.  Putting him down to nap is rough most days, but he does fall asleep.  The problem is that he will sleep for three hours some days!  But even when he takes shorter naps, he doesn't want to go to sleep at his regular bedtime.  So, I'm considering not pushing naps & just seeing how he acts.  We might just have a downtime.  We shall see...

Around 18 months, Harris moved into his big boy bed.  He sleeps pretty good in it with the bed rails. But sometimes Paul or I will cuddle with him too.  It's nice that we can do that.  :)  Harris loves to bring things to bed with him.  Most of the time it's a doll to cuddle, but he has been known to sleep with a play football, a toy screw driver, a balloon, etc.

Harris absolutely loves to play outside.  He would stay outside if we let him.  It's cute because he always wants to be with Paul when he is working outside.  Harris will open the garage door, put on his boots & work with Daddy.  I love that about him!  & speaking of Daddy, Harris loves his Daddy!

As of now, Harris has all of his teeth, except his two year molars.  I don't believe they are coming in yet, but he won't let me get a good look in his mouth.

Paul has caused Harris to be a bit of an odd toddler too - he loves coffee!  It's decaffeinated, of course. He also loves drinking a vanilla steamer.  Medicine is super easy for Harris.  The boy asks for it!  He loves taking his "vimins" (vitamins) too.

This Christmas was pretty fun.  Harris kept it interesting, for sure!  He thought a fun game was to pull the ball ornaments off of the tree, pull out the top, & then throw the ball across the room!  He LOVES to throw things.  Eeeek!  When it came to the presents, it was tough to keep him out of them!  There were a few presents that looked pretty rough, because I had to keep taping them back up!  One day, I came down to find that Harris had opened one of his presents & was working on one of Nolin's.  LOL

I guess Harris is all boy when it comes to his wildness.  We are really going to have to work on the hitting, biting, throwing...

Harris is still a bit of a picky eater.  He likes to eat things that he is familiar with.  He loves quinoa. This is good though.  But other than that, he is just like his Momma - loves chocolate & bread!

Harris still loves to cuddle & I love it!  I love to hear him say, "Mommy, hold me!"  :)  I'll eat it up as long as he will let me.

I should probably be worried about the future, because Harris is already into the girls...  He has a little buddy, Autumn, who he calls "Bautumn".  :)  He also takes up with some of Nolin's friends already!

But probably the funniest & cutest thing that Harris does is keep his finger in his belly button! The boy is obsessed with his belly button!  After he stopped nursing, his finger found his belly button & it became a comfort thing for him.  His belly button is red a lot of the time because his finger is constantly in it!  He even sleeps up on his knees so his finger can be in his belly button while sleeping.  Sometimes when I'm putting him to sleep at night, I can hear him popping his finger in his belly button.  I seriously is the cutest, yet weirdest thing!  :)

Showing me his belly button!
& there's proof.  LOL
Harris is growing up so fast!  I look forward to seeing him grow!

& just for fun...

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