Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Fun Day

This past Saturday we enjoyed a Family Fun Day at Remlinger Farms.  I think this will become a yearly adventure for us.  We have loved it, two years in a row. :)

Old Time Cars - a family favorite!

Nolin loves the roller coaster!

Sibling Photo Op
I guess this is my future...one smiling & one being silly!

Daddy Photo Bomber!
I love how much these two love each other!
The whole gang!  We love the Yoshikawas!
A miniature train...
The corn ride...

I LOVE these pics!
Pony Rides!!!  Last year Nolin got nervous & didn't do anything but sit on the horse.  I was super proud of her this year for taking a ride on Pumpkin.
Harris rode - Strawberry
Stopping for a little carriage ride...
& of course there was a canoe ride...

& the kids being wild in the ferris wheel!
We visited the petting zoo too.  Nolin & Harris thought the tickling was a bit too funny on their hands, so Daddy had to feed the animals.  :)
Too sad to leave... :(
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