Monday, January 20, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter A

Now open in 2014 - Nolin's Preschool.   :)

I followed the lead of a fellow teacher & friend, Beth, to do weekly lessons with Nolin.  Each week I am focusing on a different letter (name & sound/s), as well as throwing in some work with numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, motor skills, & more.  Beth posted her lessons on her blog, so I have gotten a lot of ideas from there - A Sugar-Mamma's Thoughts.

During our first week we focused on the letter A.  Here are a few of the activities we did...

Making a sticker A - this helped with fine motor skills, writing the letter, & with identifying the letter name & sound.  After Nolin finished decorating the A, she traced over it with her finger to practice writing.  Then we cut the letter out together.  While doing this activity, we sang songs about the letter name & sound.
We made an apple tree.  Nolin used tweezers to pick up pom pom apples & place them on the apple tree.  She did a great job using the tweezers!
I gave Nolin instructions to color each shape a specific color.  She did great at identifying the shapes & the colors.
Then Nolin glued the shapes onto the matching shape.
We made an apple out of Nolin's handprint & some torn paper.
Then she traced the upper & lower case A's (not pictured).
This is a fine motor skills & color identification game that I made a while back.  She puts the colored pipe cleaners into the corresponding color hole on the container lid.
Here Nolin is tracing the numbers 1-5.
Then she matched the numbers.
We had some painting fun when we made apple print patterns - red, green, red, green...  Daddy got to help with this activity. :)
Nolin counted out the correct number of apples to place in the number baskets.  This was definitely an activity we did together.  Next time,  I will draw outlines of the apples, as she might be a little young right now.
Nolin sorted uppercase "A" & lowercase "a" apples on trees.  She actually started this before I was ready.  She glued the A's at the bottom of the trunk on top of the A's that I had written.  I was impressed!  :)
Nolin matched color clothespins to the color word.  We also counted out clothespins to match numbers, but I didn't get a picture of that activity.
I'm looking forward to week 2 with Nolin!  It is fun to see her excited to learn.


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