Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Independence Day

Splatter Fireworks!

I have no idea.  LOL
It was super cute watching Harris try to splatter the paint.  He {might} have ended up with a little blue hair. ;)

The kids enjoyed a little bit of color mixing too.  By the end of the activity, all of the paint was brown!
A little glimpse of our splatter fireworks!
We used dobbers to make an American flag.
& of course we added the stars.
Star Man
We made edible sparklers! Yum!
Nolin's excited...

Harris approves...

Super easy - all you need is thin break sticks or pretzel sticks, marshmallow cream or melting chocolate (if you want them to harden), & sprinkles.

Pom Pom & Pipe Cleaner Fireworks
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