Saturday, April 26, 2014

Three Years Old - Nolin Leigh

I cannot even begin to express how much I love this little girl.  Nolin is such a loving person & I could not be more proud of her.  I feel so blessed to be her momma!

Three years have passed since this baby girl made me a momma & it seems to have flown by!

Nolin has grown so much since I posted her two year update.  She is turning into such a big girl.  She is very well-mannered, but still a little spunky.  She is a good listener, but also little miss independent.

This past year, Nolin started a gymnastics class, as well as a home preschool with me.  These have helped her in so many ways.  She is learning to follow directions & be a better listener.  She is learning all about the alphabet & about numbers.  I am so impressed with how much she is taking in & how much she loves learning.  She is constantly asking me to do another lesson.  This former teacher is one proud momma!  Nolin will start at an actual preschool this September.  She is excited & I am excited for her, but I imagine some tears will be shed on her first day...from me!

I absolutely love how much Nolin loves here baby brother.  She often helps to take care of him & she loves to teach him new things.  She loves to give hugs & kisses to Harris, as well as Mom & Dad!  She often tells us how much she loves us all.

One of my favorite things that Nolin does now is singing.  This girl LOVES to sing!  She is often making up songs herself or singing some of her favorite songs.  Her current favorite song is "I Knew You Were Trouble" - the Walk Off the Earth version.  She also really loves Pharrell's "Happy".  She really loves to dance too.  The girl has some moves!

It is hard to put a years worth of life into one blog, but I have written down a few snippits.  Nolin says the funniest, sweetest, & most clever things!  I want to document them, so we can always remember...

(from two years until three...)

Nolin: "I'll see you ater Mommy!"
Me: "Where are you going?"
Nolin: "playdate, Kentucky.  Mommy come playdate too!"
Me: "Oh, thank you!"
Nolin: "You're welcome Mommy!"

Nolin (kissing Harris good morning): "You so cute bay brudder.  Don't worry, I so cute too."

She refers to Paul as "My Daddy", when she is talking to me about him. 

She refers to our house as her "castle".

For a while when Nolin would talk, she would put an a after several words, "Can-a Nolin have...?"

When I would nurse Harris, but she wanted to play, "Put the boob away, Mom.  Put the the boobie away!"

Me: "How did you get so smart?"
Nolin: "I just growing up Mommy."

After one of my friends pointed out that Nolin was calling me Mom, instead of Momma...
Me: "Who am I, Nolin?"
Nolin: "You're Mom. No, you're not Mom, you're Brandi!"

Paul: "You're  my baby."
Nolin: "You're my daddy."

"Mom, I look for my phone everywhere. I need to find it to go."  I can't leave the house without my phone either! ;)

"Mom watch out for that car.  (pause) You bumped somebody's car!"  For the record, I did was a curb.  LOL

As I'm tossing Harris into the air while playing, Nolin says, "He's my ittle boy.  Be careful Mom, don't hurt my ittle boy!"

"Booger starts with B, /b/."

"Harris, you want my booger? Here you go!" (Rubs his chest...)

"Mommies have boobies & Daddies have bellies."  Hehe!


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