Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Fun! {part one}

I was super excited to do some fun Christmas/Winter activities with the kids this year, since  I hadn't started "preschool" with Nolin yet during Christmas last year.  Here are a few of the fun activities we have been doing this season...

We painted melted snowman.  (Too warm for snowmen in Seattle!)

Harris' Melted Snowman
Nolin's Melted Snowman
We played a fun bean bag game.  The kids took turns pulling colored bean bags from a Christmas stocking & identified the colors.

Then we played a tossing game.  The kids took turns tossing the bean bags into a bucket.

Lastly, we played a game where I gave the kids a specific color & they were to run to the bucket to bring me that color bean bag.  These were great games for teaching Harris colors.

Nolin practiced sorting colors & making patterns with Christmas bows.  First she grouped the bows by colors.  Then she practiced making several different patterns.

Nolin also practiced cutting, pasting, identifying shapes, & matching shapes with this cute Gingerbread Man.

Nolin used her fingers to create a fun string of Christmas lights.

Harris practiced stamping in circles on a candy cane that I created.

Nolin worked on patterns again with her candy cane.

Nolin made a marshmallow snow man.  This girl loves to eat marshmallows!

 Nolin also made a cute snow globe with small white pompoms.

The kids used clothespins & pompoms to paint ornaments on their Christmas trees.

We used large marshmallows to stamp snowmen.

We used pipe cleaners & beads to practice patterns & make candy cane ornaments.  Harris didn't quite get the patterns, but I was impressed with his fine motor skills!  :)

Nolin practiced indentifying numbers & counting with a fun Gingerbread Man game.  She rolled a dice, counted the dots, & then located that number to stamp.

We played a mitten match game.  The first time, we left all of the mittens facing upward & took turns finding matches.  This was great for teaching harris about "same" & "different".

Nolin & I later played a game of Memory with the mittens.

We worked in a Snowman Factory!  (Nolin was super excited that there were actual snowmen & not melted ones. LOL)

Harris' Creation - I helped him make the balls & he decorated :)
Nolin's Creations!
This snowman had hair & legs too!  LOL
Harris was super happy about this snowman he built himself!  :)
We have several more activities planned, including some fun sensory activities!

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