Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

I know a special little three year old who had a fun weekend of birthday celebrations.  Nolin enjoyed a birthday playdate with friends on Friday, a fun gymnastics party with another April birthday buddy on Saturday, & her first sleepover that night.

{birthday playdate}

hello sunshine
Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats to go
Rainbow Garland
Nolin with her chalkboard birthday message
Yummy Yummy Cookie Cake
Rainbow PomPom
Rainbow Name Necklaces for all of Nolin's friends
Singing to the Birthday Girl - I just love her sweet little smile & the sparkle in her eye while we sang.  :)

Make a Wish!
{birthday party}

Yummy Cupcakes

Crab Walk!
Captain Adorable leading the Birthday Girl
Happy Birthday to You!
Make a Wish...

The Birthday Girls - Calla & Nolin
Awkward Birthday Girls Photo! ;)

The Big 3 Year Olds!
{birthday sleepover}

all tucked in...
pretend sleep...
Story Time
Night, Night! :)
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