Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Josie Lynn - Ten Months Old

Josie Lynn is ten months old!

Josie Lynn - Ten Months - November 14, 2016
Josephine is unstoppable now! When she sets her eyes on something that she wants, she is there in seconds. She is getting up & crawling on her knees more now, but she also quite often crawls with one knee & one foot. It's super cute! Josie is starting to pull up on things now too. For a while she's been getting up on her knees, but now she is pulling all the way up to her feet. She is not cruising the furniture yet though. I imagine that is to come soon. Josie loves to stand behind her walker toy, but taking steps behind it is still proving tricky to her.

Josie is getting into everything that she can find now. She loves to pull open cabinets & drawers. She is pretty fast at escaping too! One of her favorite places to go is to crawl onto the landing for the steps. She hasn't attempted to crawl any further yet, but I really haven't given her the opportunity either.

As well as getting around & getting into everything, Josephine eats everything, like a little goat! Her pincer grasp is spot on, so that makes Momma have to work overtime to keep everything off the floor! The older siblings make this hard too, when they are always dragging in things from outside! You can always tell that Josie has something in her mouth that she shouldn't, when she has it clenched shut like she is sucking on something. I seriously have to pry her little mouth open & dig out little pieces of leaves all the time! LOL

Josephine has the most adorable little smiles & facial expressions now. What makes them the cutest is the four little teeth she has. She has her two bottom middle teeth, but on the top, she has two teeth off-centered. I just love her little toothy grin!

We are still pretty much in the same place in regards to night sleep. Josie still wakes more often than I would like. She might sleep about six hours at the beginning of the night, but after that she continues to wake anywhere from every hour to every two. Luckily, Paul helps in the earlier part of the night & he will put her back to sleep. So now she is going until maybe 3 am & sometimes 4 am before having to nurse. Thank goodness she doesn't expect me to nurse her all night long, but it would be nice to eliminate more of the night wakings. :)

We are still mostly still feeding Josie baby food. Although Josie is loving eating somethings that she has tried, like turkey, sweet potato fries, & cheese. She is also learning to use a sippy cup. She does great with it when I turn it up for her, but she has trouble turning it up all the way when she it sitting up in her highchair.

Josie loves to talk. She just sits around & says the funniest little things now. Just random sounds & jibber jabber. She isn't saying many more words just yet, but still says "Momma", "Dada", & sometimes tries to say "Sissy" & "Bubba". I think she also sometimes repeats some words that we say, but she doesn't say a lot intentionally yet. Another funny thing that Josie does now is straight up screaming. I think she has learned this from her older siblings. If you take something away from her that she wants, she screams so loudly! It looks like she won't be one to take much from her big brother & big sister!

Josie loves to wave & grin at people. She also does this cute thing where she tilts her head sideways in front of your face & grins. It's so freaking cute!

We have been watching Baby Signing Time with Josie some. She signs "milk" now, but she doesn't always sign it at the correct time. I think sometimes she just thinks that it means "Momma". :)
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