Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letters X, Y, & Z

We did it! Harris finished up letters X, Y, & Z! It's only taken us over a year, due to all of our big life changes. LOL

Harris made all three letters with dobbers - X, Y, & Z
Harris used pattern blocks to build all three letters - X, Y, & Z
X is for X-Ray
Y is for Yarn
Z is for Zig-Zag
Harris made a Yellow Collage
Y is for Yellow
X is for X-Ray

 X is for X-Out - Harris circled all of the X's & put an X over all other letters

Counting Game - we read Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 & then Harris rolled the dice, counted the number, & then put that many pompoms into the cup. He continued until the cup was full. He did great with the counting & played the game several times.
We also did lots of handwriting & name writing practice this week. Now that we have finally finished our letter preschool, we are going to continue to working on fine motor skills & do some fun Christmas activities!

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