Monday, November 7, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter W

So I will admit, that we are struggling finishing up our letters... :) So there isn't anything crazy exciting going on here, but we will finish something at least. LOL

W is for White
Letter W Dobbers
Letter W Patter Blocks
W is for Water Balloons!
We did a water balloon toss to wash away the W on the driveway. Harris decided to get a little closer...
He figured out the bet way to wash it away! :)
Word Worm - Harris built a word worm for his name. I let him put the circles in whatever order that he wanted & he put them in a perfect ABC pattern. Then I wrote his name on the circles & he traced it. I also mixed up the letter so he could build the word worm again by spelling his name, before we glued it together.
W is for Water Beads - one of our favorite sensory activities!

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