Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Josie Lynn - Five Months Old

Josephine Lynn is five months old!

Josie Lynn - Five Months - June 14, 2016
My baby girl just keeps on growing! She is such a sweet baby girl. I absolutely love the way her face lights up when I go to get her from her crib. Even when she takes way too short of a nap, she seems me & just smiles. :)

Josie is super laid back. She really doesn't fuss or cry too much...unless of course she is hungry or tired. Haha. But we really couldn't have asked for a better third child. We knew we needed an easy-going baby & luckily Josie is just that.

She enjoys sitting in her bumbo chair while we work in the kitchen. We use the tray now & put some toys for her there. Josie really grabs onto things now & she brings everything to her mouth! She has become a big time chewer...we will see how long it takes for a tooth to pop through. She is also getting to where she will lunge at things that I am holding in my hand. It's fun to watch her little serious face when she is really focusing on something & studying it. She is even learning to take her paci in & out of her mouth. This could be a good & a bad thing!

She has also found her feet & loves to keep them up at her mouth when she can. :)

Josie also sits in her bouncer seat some still, but it won't be long before she's outgrown it. She loves her jumperoo too. There is nothing better than bouncing & looking at all the colors. :)

This past month Josie transitioned from her bassinet to a crib. She has done really well with the transition. She is even sleeping pretty well the majority of the time. I would say that almost half of the time she sleeps for close to severn to nine hours at night before waking to nurse & cuddle with Momma. I can't complain about that. But, it is inconsistent with some very random nights mixed in there...for instance, last night when she woke almost every two again!

Josephine has been napping every couple of hours, so she will typically take three or sometimes four naps. She doesn't nap for more than an hour at a time, if that. Except today, she decided since she is five months old, she doesn't need to nap more than twenty minutes apparently!

Josie is still great at rolling from back to belly. But I'm surprised that she hasn't mastered rolling from belly to back. She was the first to roll so well out of all three Tiny Markham's, so I assumed she would get it both ways. Looks like it will happen in her own time though! :) It seems like she isn't doing the baby pushups with her arms like she should be doing. Instead she is doing the "superman" most of the time. Haha.

Josie doesn't sit very well on her own yet. She tries when I prop her up with pillows, but she still topples over. It's cute. LOL

We have yet to attempt a bottle with Josie, but we may be trying it this week! I'm not sure it will go so well, & honestly it doesn't bother me too much. I reminded myself this week how much I dislike pumping, so I won't be too heartbroken if she won't take the bottle.

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