Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter K

Well, it only took us about three weeks to get through Letter K! LOL

Paint Dobber Letter K's
Nolin practiced counting the teen numbers using her paint dobber to fill ten frames.
Pattern Block Letter K's

K is for Kernels
Harris practiced tracing his name. So far he can only write the H on his own. I'm worried that him being a lefty is going to make learning to write a bit more difficult for him.
Still need work on his pencil grip!
Nolin practiced cutting & ordering numbers through 20.

Sorting upper & lowercase Letter K candy Kisses.
Making King crowns!

K is for King
K is for Kangaroo

The kids hopped around looking for letter K's to put in their kangaroo pouches.
When the finished, the counted their letter K's.
K is for Kite - making tissue paper suncatcher kites

Harris counted & added corresponding bows to kite strings after identifying the number on the kite.
K is for Kitchen 
A favorite lesson for this week - the kids had kitchen sensory play with beans, kernels, baking soda, vinegar, bowls, spoons, & more.
When I asked Harris what he was making he said, "beans, corn, baking soda, & vinegar". LOL
Nolin said she was making spaghetti! :)

The baking soda & vinegar was a hit. They had fun making their food erupt.
The kids enjoyed experimenting to see how much baking soda & vinegar was needed to make the eruptions.

When Momma stopped giving out more vinegar & baking soda, they decided to get rid of everything but the beans & muffin cups for some fun hands on play.

Next up...Letter L!

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