Monday, June 20, 2016

Down at the Creek

A friend introduced us to a great park near us this past week & I knew that we had to go back as a family to take some pictures.

My funny husband...Josie is super cute! Too bad Daddy cut me out of the picture! :)

A flower for Mommy & Daddy from our sweet boy!
Fun on the tire swing!

Such a grown up girl!

Nobody makes Josie smile & giggle like sissy!
The belly button finger is back!

Love Josie's face here...

"How you doin'?" & that fish face! LOL

Just about how it always goes by the time Mom wants a picture with the kiddos! Someone was hungry...
Love how Harris is looking at Mommy! :)
Someone fell in the creek! But he was such a big boy about it. :)

I just love these pictures! So perfectly describes their relationship.

A successful day at the creek! :)

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