Sunday, June 5, 2016

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Even in Maryland, we got to have our yearly visit to the strawberry patch. We checked out Homestead Farm & had a fabulous day. :)

Josie & I were there too! She slept in the carrier for the majority of the visit!

We started with a hay ride to the strawberry patch.

I just love this random picture.

Harris enjoyed his sucker for almost the entire visit. LOL

Looking for the perfect strawberry...

perfectly imperfect

Photobombed by a butterfly!

Harris kept saying, "I found the prettiest strawberry of all!"

Checking out the chickens...

Feeding the goats!

Harris really loved feeding the goats.

Nolin was afraid of letting the goats touch her hand...

Nolin finally fed the goats properly before we left. It was a little dramatic for her though! :) When we got to the car, Paul started to say, "Nolin, let me see your..." & she interrupted him by asking, "my goat hand?" We got a good laugh out of it! She is glad she finally fed the goats though. She realized that she had nothing to be scared of. :)

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