Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harris' Preschool - Letter L

We just finished up learning about the letter L. We also had some fun experiments this past week.

L is for Lines - Harris practiced drawing straight lines
Still working on that pencil grip!
Making a letter L with pattern blocks
Nolin working with us drawing a picture of things that start with L. She spelled lion all by herself!
She drew a lion & parking lot. She insisted on the "lot". LOL. I am so impressed with her cute little drawings too. Such a cute lion & I'm loving the cars in the parking lot.
Harris made the letter L with his dobber
Nolin practiced counting the teen numbers.
Nolin & Harris played a game together. They rolled the dice, counted the number, & then found that number on the paper. For Harris, this was great counting & number recognition practice. For Nolin, I wanted to see how quickly she could identify the numbers without counting (subitizing).
Harris sorted upper & lowercase Letter L's on Lighthouses
L is for Love Letters! I wrote Nolin & Harris love letters. :)

L is for Line Tracing

L is for Letters - Harris counted numbers on cards & then put the cards in the corresponding number envelopes.

We saw a friend do this cool Ivory soap experiment. We put regular Ivory soap bars into the microwave & they expanded!
The kids played with the soap afterwards & it broke down like snow. So of course, we had to pull out dinosaurs for play!

L is for Letters -invisible letters. The kids looked for these invisible letters in rainbow rice & then identified the letters & their sounds.
Of course, this required fun rainbow rice play afterwards too!
Daddy brought the kids back a cool geology kit from his trip to Arizona. The kids got to find rocks inside this mineral block.

Harris, of course, got pretty messy!

L is for Legos - Lego painting!

Harris, of course, got really messy!
The kids had fun rolling the Lego cars through the paint too.
L is for Life Savors
Harris identified the numbers & then counted out that many life savors to put on the sticks.

Pretending to eat the Life Savors!

Silly Boy!

Coming soon...Letter M!

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