Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun!

This Thanksgiving, we stayed in Seattle. With a new little one about to join our family, we weren't sure it would be a great time to travel. We enjoyed a small turkey dinner, just the four of us.

The kids also enjoyed a few fun Thanksgiving activities. We actually didn't get to all the fun activities this year. Here are just a few...

Tissue Paper Turkeys
I numbered the spots on this printable turkey, so the kids had to match the colors to the number.

Nolin's Turkey is named Wiggles
Harris' Turkey is named Sweety
Decorating Button Trees

This was a fun little fine motor task.
This cute little turkey came from I gave the kids a number of feathers to create.
This cute printable from, allowed the kids to add play-doh leaves to fall trees.
The kids didn't do the above activities for long...they had their own plan. They decided to give their turkey a disguise so no one would eat them for Thanksgiving! This one is Harris' version of a Rescue Bot. :)
Nolin made BumbleBee, one of the Rescue Bots/Transformers.
She made this turkey into Owlet from PJ Masks.
Harris' snowman disguise...
Nolin's snowman disguise...
The kids had so much fun coming up with disguises for their turkeys, they played for nearly three hours!  Needless to say, we didn't get to some of our other activities this year.

Up next, Harris' favorite letter...the letter H! Then on to some fun Christmas activities!!

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