Sunday, November 22, 2015

Harris' Preschool - Letter G

This past week, we have been learning about the letter G!

G is for Grapes - Harris enjoyed looking through his letter box.
Working on his dot letter G's
G is for Glitter!
G is for Gumballs - Harris counted gumballs to go in the numbered gumball machines. He still isn't recognizing the numbers very well, but he does great counting.
Building the letter G with pattern blocks
Harris sorted upper & lowercase letter G's into the correct gumball machines.
More number & counting practice...I helped Harris identify the numbers & then he counted the correct number of beans.
Glitter names - Harris chose a light white colored glitter, so it's hard to see here.

G is for Gak!
We love sensory activities! This gak recipe came from Fun at Home with Kids. I didn't have the right amount of cornstarch this time, so I did some guessing. I think we probably could have used a little more water, but it was still fun.

Next week we are going to do some fun Thanksgiving activities. We might get a couple of letters in after that, but there will be lots of Christmas fun coming up too!!

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