Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Harris' Preschool - Letter B

This week we studied the letter B. We played outside with bikes, balls, bubbles, balloons, blocks, & more!  I had some great pictures, but I accidentally deleted them before putting them on the computer!  :(

Harris' Letter Box contained lots of B items - a baby, balls, blocks, etc.

B is for beans

Harris did our weekly letter activities, like the dot letters above, as well as building the letter B with pattern blocks & magnets.  Unfortunately these were some of the pictures I deleted.

Harris sorted upper & lowercase letter B's

He matched upper & lowercase letter B butterflies

Harris sorted small, medium, & large butterflies
We made a butterfly with Harris' handprint - B is for Butterfly!
This is a game that I made ages ago.  It's great for color practice & fine motor skills.

We painted with balls - Harris dropped a few drops of paint onto the paper & then rolled a ball around the pan to make art.
He had a lot of fun with this!
This week's sensory play - beans!

lots of scooping...
& pouring...
& cup filling!
Nolin & Harris made tissue paper butterflies!
Great fine motor practice for Harris.

I made Harris a pair of binoculars from toilet paper rolls & yarn.  We took them on an adventure looking for things that start with B - /b/.  He found several things that start with B - berries, birds, balls.
We also enjoyed several fun games with bean bags.  I wanted to really work on colors with Harris & we also worked on counting with the bean bags as well.

I'm sure that I'm forgetting something, since I deleted my pictures!

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