Friday, October 2, 2015

Harris' Preschool - Letter C

This week, we studied letter C!  We read books about clouds, cats, caterpillars, a train caboose, chameleons, & more.

C is for Clock!  Harris enjoyed checking out his letter box...
C is for Cow!  He especially loved finding his cow in there.

C is for Camera!
C is for Crown!
Making our letter for the week...
C is for Cotton!
Letter C magnet play for the week...

Building C with pattern blocks...

Making C with his dot markers...

Sorting upper & lowercase letter C's
Harris is showing me how he wads up his tissue paper... LOL 
Tissue Paper Art 
C is for Caterpillar!
We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar & played a little game with these cute props I was given as a gift when I taught.

Harris got to be the caterpillar as I retold the story & he ate all of the food.  Then he turned into the butterfly!
Sorting & stacking color cubes...

C is for Candy! We sorted M&M's! Yum!
Nolin sorted & then counted her M&M's.
Harris sorted on his color sorting mat.

After sorting, the kids used these tubes that were leftover party favors to stack the M&M's.  Great fine motor practice.

Of course they got to eat some when we finished!
C is for Cars!  The kids drove their cars to write their names.  Harris wasn't quite ready for this yet. He had fun driving his cars though.
& of course it was too easy for Nolin!
C is for Cookies! Harris matched colored clothes pins with colored cookies.

We sang a cute little song that I got from a friend after doing this activity.  It is great for color identification.  Harris loved the song, so we sang it several times while he "ate" the cookies!

Five little cookies with frosting galore.  Harris ate the red one, then there were four.  Four little cookies, two & two you see.  Harris ate the green one, then there were three.  Three little cookies, but before I knew Harris ate the white one, then there were two.  Two little cookies, oh what fun.  Harris ate the blue one & then there was one.  One little cookie all alone, Harris at the yellow one & now there are none! 

Harris also counted sprinkles on cookies & located the written numeral cookie that matched. H required a lot of help identifying the numerals.  We are working on identifying 1-5. He did great at using one-to-one correspondence to count though!
We read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake & made our own cat masks!
C is for Coins! Harris used his fine motor skills to pick up & drop coins into his piggy bank.  He did this activity several times.  Seriously LOVE that little face!

C is for Cutting! Harris practiced cutting for the first time! Considering it was his first time using scissors, he did pretty well.  I would say we have a way to go though! I LOVE this concentration face! :) & he was so creative while cutting. He saw rockets that he cut, mountains, & more... Oh & those teeth are "Chomper"...Harris & Chomper are pretty close. They do everything together!
Up next week, letter D!
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