Monday, September 14, 2015

Harris' Preschool - Letter A

This past week we started Harris' Preschool.  First up, letter A!  I was unsure if Harris would like preschool as much as Nolin did at his age, but it makes this Momma proud to say that he loves it!

Letter A Box - including items such as an airplane, avocado, apple, alligator, & more...
Harris started by decorating his A with apple stickers (great fine motor practice)
A is for Apple!
Harris used a magnet board & circle magnets to make the letter A & put apples on the apple tree.  He loved this activity & wanted to keep playing with the magnets.

Harris used pattern blocks to build the upper & lower case letter A's.  I was afraid this would be super difficult right now, but he did very well.  It will be fun to see how his fine motor skills improve doing this activity every week.

Making the letter A from dobbers.
Harris had to have his backpack for this school day! :)
Harris used tweezers to pick apples & place them on his apple tree.  He did pretty well with the tweezers too.  I only had to help him a few times.

Harris loves singing the sound song from Leap Frog.  Here he is singing it... :)

Harris sorted upper & lowercase letter A's on his apple trees.

Sensory Box - oats & acorns - another activity he could do for hours!
Lots of scooping & dumping!
Harris practiced one-to-one by putting one acorn in each compartment.
Nolin joined us for some activities on her day home from preschool.

Time for an apple taste test!

Harris made the funniest faces with his green apple, but he kept on eating it! :)

Apple Stamping
Nolin made color patterns with her stamping.
Harris just stamped!
Shape matching puzzle - I was just going to have Harris build these, but he absolutely had to glue them down!
More shape matching - he does really well with most shapes.  Sometimes the rectangle is a tricky name to remember. ;)

Nolin made some apple-tree patterns.
Harris made an apple collage.

Love how serious he is here!  Momma only helped a little bit.
I traced his hand for the leaf & then he colored it.
Nolin counted apple seeds & glued the correct number.
I also tried to get her to slow down & color inside the lines better.  I taught her to color in circles.  She did better here about staying inside the lines, but there was lots of white space. LOL
Harris traced numbers 1-5 & then matched the correct apple.  I think writing is going to take a little time with this guy, but he'll get there.  He's also a lefty, so that makes it tough for Momma to write hand-over-hand with him!
Looking forward to letter B!

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  1. WOW! Girlie this is wonderful! Thank you for the inspiration. I will be using some of your ideas to jumpstart my old out of teacher shape brain to supplement what N is doing in preschool now.