Monday, July 21, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letters X & Y

This week we learned about the letters X & Y.  I didn't get a picture of Nolin with the mystery box, but it wasn't really very exciting anyway.

Letter X & Y Mystery Box - upper & lowercase letter X's, upper & lowercase letter Y's, X-ray, xylophone, yak, yellow, yarn, yo-yo, & yogurt

X is for X-ray
Y is for Yarn 
Nolin identified the letter X by circling them & practiced making X's by marking the letters that were not an X.
We made water xylophones to play.
Nolin practice making X's by crossing out the pictures that were different.  She did a great job with this!
She enjoyed it so much, so we pulled out a few more difficult pages.  These pages came from The Measured Mom.
Nolin is getting so good at writing her own name! :)
Before doing the next activities, I showed Nolin a collection of x-ray images.  She was able to identify the part of body shown in each x-ray - foot, hand, chest, head, etc.  I also put some fun x-ray pictures in of animals & such.

Then, we made an x-ray of Nolin's hand.
Doc McNolin & I played doctor.  We took turns giving each other x-rays & identifying the broken bone (I had drawn several x-rays for us to use - below are a couple).
After all of our x-ray fun, Nolin & I talked about how it is important to take care of our bodies to be healthy.  I asked her how we could stay healthy & she said exercise!  I was proud.  :)  So, of course we did a little exercising.

Nolin's completed yarn bowl.  Not too shabby!
X is for Xylophone!  I found this cute idea on Pinterest - make an xylophone out of wrenches, pipe insulation, & twine.  The kids (& Daddy) loved it! 
Y is for Yellow!  Nolin & Harris made a yellow collage.

Y is for Yogurt!  We painted with yogurt!  Nolin & I mixed plain white yogurt with food coloring & painted away.  She enjoyed it quite a bit. :) 

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