Monday, July 28, 2014

Nolin's Prechool - Letter Z

Up this week...the letter Z!!

This week's Mystery Box was not very exciting - upper & lowercase letter Z's, zebra, zoo animals, zipper, zucchini, & zigzag.

Zis for ZigZag!
This is what happens when Nolin gets the glitter...
We read Chicka Chicka 123 & then we played fill the cup.  Nolin rolled two dice, counted the numbers, & then placed that many pompoms into a cup.  She played until she filled the cup.  At first, she wanted to count each die separately, but she quickly learned to continue on counting at the second die.  
She really enjoyed this game, so we played twice.
We reviewed the number poems & then Nolin practiced tracing numbers 1-10.

She enjoyed this so much, that we pulled out her number tracing book to keep practicing.
Nolin wanted to continue doing lessons this day, so I pulled out some more "What's the difference?" pages.  These were harder than the ones we did last week & she did such a great job!
We played a game of Tower Numbers.  Nolin drew a number card, identified it, & then built a tower that tall.

Nolin matched upper & lowercase letters.  We haven't focused on lowercase letters much, so I was super impressed at how well she did.

We played another game of Alphabet Hunt.  Nolin would find the letters & then give the letter name, as well as the letter sound.  We also went on a Number Hunt.  When Nolin found a number, she identified it & then counted out that many jumping jacks.
The M says mmmmm.
Nolin made numbers out of play-doh.

Harris got in on the play-doh action too.

Of course we will be topping off the letter Z with a trip to the Zoo in a few days!

So this is the end of Nolin's letter study!  We are now going to focus more on numbers & reinforce the letter sounds.

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