Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter R

This week we had a lot of fun learning about the letter R!

Letter R Mystery Box - upper & lowercase letter R's, rectangle, red marker, rabbit, rhyming game, ramp, rock, rooster, race car, ring, ribbons, recycled paper, rake, rain, letter R book
R is for Rice
A little rice sensory play after we made the letter R.
We danced with our Rhythm Ribbons!

R is for Rhyming!  We read a cute little book called Rhyming Dust Bunnies & then worked on rhyming puzzles together.  
R is for Rain Drops!  I put together a little cloud & raindrop sensory table - cotton balls, blue pompoms, & construction paper, numbered raindrops.  Nolin dug out all of the raindrop numbers & identified them.
Then she "made it rain" herself. :)
She also enjoyed building clouds.
We made a rhythm rainstick from construction paper, beans, & a paper towel roll.
R is for Racetrack!  This game had two purposes - identify upper & lowercase letter R's, as well as, wear our No-Nap Nolin! ;) I set up two tracks - a small lowercase r track & a larger uppercase letter R track.  I would call out a lowercase r or uppercase R & Nolin would then run on the correct track.  She had a lot of fun & it really did wear her out!
So, we decided to pull out some cars for the racetracks.
This was lots of fun too!
Another raindrop game - I wrote numbers on puddles.  Then Nolin would throw the raindrop (blue towel) & identify whichever number it landed on.
R is for Rainbow Rice!!  We love rainbow rice.  :)  I put the letters from our foam puzzle in the rainbow rice for Nolin to find.  She then identified the letters & placed them in the puzzle.

Of course we had to play for a while after completing the puzzle. :) 

R is for Rectangle Robot
R is for Rocket
R is for Rabbit
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