Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter S

This week we studied the letter S.

Letter S Mystery Box - (lots to choose from!) upper & lowercase letter S's, square, socks, slipper, stickers, stars, snow, sprinkles, sheep, stop sign, shovel, sling, skillet, sandwich, salt, snap peas, straw, stamps, scoop, shark, shampoo, & scissors
S is for Swat!  I would call out letters & then Nolin would swat it!  We also played this with numbers.
S is for Scavenger Hunt!  We went on two fun scavenger hunts - one looking for outdoor objects & the other looking for certain colors.  This was a lot of fun & Nolin did so well.  I think this was one of her favorite activities so far.  These cute scavenger hunt pages came from Just Sweet & Simple.  There are lots of other cute ones too!
Deep thought... 
Nolin found a tree...LOL
Proud of her completed scavenger hunts! 
Nolin wanted to pull Harris back home after our scavenger hunts.
S is for Sprinkles
S is for Shapes!  We played around with our shape clock/puzzle.  Nolin would identify the shape & number as she placed them in the puzzle.  She did really well with the shapes & numbers.  
Nolin practiced tracing shapes.
S is for Stamping!  Nolin identified the letters & then stamped the matching letter on top of the grid.  This was a great exercise for her to really focus on the form of the letters.

S is for Snow Paint - We had quite a bit of fun with this & made quite a bit of mess!  This is an equal mix of shaving cream & liquid glue.  When it dries, it feels puffy.

I printed some number cards with little poems to help you remember how to make them.  Then I laminated them & Nolin practiced writing the numbers with a dry erase marker.
S is for Stickers - Nolin identified numbers & then counted the correct number of stickers to stick on them.  Harris enjoyed practicing fine motor skills by placing stickers on a sheet of his own.

S is for Salt Sculptures!  These were a lot of fun.  I found this idea on Fun at Home with Kids.  Check there to see details on how to do this, but basically you mix salt with a little bit of water.  Then you pack it into molds & let dry overnight.  Next, you remove the salt sculptures from the molds & let them dry overnight again.  Last, you "paint" the salt sculptures with liquid watercolors & a dropper.  
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