Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter Q

The letter Q...

Mystery Box - (This was a difficult one!) quinoa, quarters, a queen, q-tips, upper & lowercase letter Q's, & a picture of a quilt
Quinoa Sensory Play
Decorating the Q
Q is for Quinoa!
We pulled out an old number game.  Nolin identified each number & then counted beans to put on each number.
Q-Tip Painting - this printable is from Therapy Fun Zone.
Nolin & I both had a lot of fun with this activity
Q is for Queen
Q is for Quicksand - I sort of cheated though & just got Cra-Z-Sand.  It was so much fun! 
Look, Jake found a castle! :)
Q is for Question -- We played a question game that I found online.  This was a good way for Nolin to learn about how a game works & all about questions.  This little game came from Teachers Pay Teachers.  Sometimes you can find some good free stuff there!
Nolin made Alphabet Soup!  I pulled together the alphabet foam letters & one object with the beginning sound for each letter.  Nolin would choose a letter to put in her soup.  Then we would talk about the letter name & sound.  After she identified the sound, she would look for the object with that beginning sound to add to the soup.  When we finished, Nolin served up dinner for everyone. ;)
The beginning sounds objects.
Nolin also used a q-tip to practice identifying & making the letters.  These cute printables came from 1plus1plus1equals1
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