Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter I

This week we working on the letter I.  We also had special visitors - Nana & PopPop, so we didn't do quite as many lessons as we usually do.

The Letter I Mystery Box - several letter I's, insects, ice, ice cream, ice cream scoop, ink pen, I-Spy glass, Izzy from Jake & the Neverland Pirates :)

Nolin was excited about seeing her I-Spy glass! 
I is for Insects
We painted with ice!
I have never done this before, so this was definitely an experiment, but it worked out pretty well.
We put secret capsules in warm water to see what would happen...
They grew into insects!
We went on an I-Spy hunt to find insects.
Nolin stamped insects next to the corresponding numbers.
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter I's in ice cream bowls.
Nolin matched upper & lowercase letter ice cream cones.
How cute are these? :)
Nolin searched for numbers in a sensory bag.  She identified the number that she found. 
Or she counted the number of dots that she found.

We played with pretend vanilla ice cream & sprinkles.  This ice cream is really neat because it melts like real ice cream.  We ran out of time when we pulled this out today, so I stuck it back in the freezer to play with again another day.
I also had the idea for create a marshmallow igloo this week.  Super cute idea, but it didn't quite work out for us!  I think we might try again soon with a revised plan.  :)

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