Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter H

Up this week...the letter H!

H is for Harris!  Isn't he handsome?! ;)
I'm not sure if I have mentioned before, but I am also teaching Nolin the sign language for each letter we learn.  One day soon I plan to take pictures or a video of Nolin showing the signs.

We also sing a song each week to learn the letter name & sound.  The song comes for the Leapfrog Letter Factory video.  

The H says /h/.
The H says /h/.
Every letter makes a sound,
the H says /h/.

Nolin decorated the letter H with hearts.
Nolin & Harris explored the Mystery Box - house, hammer, hamburger, heart, upper & lowercase H's, hairbrush, hair bow, handkerchief, hat, horse, & harmonica
Someone was super pumped about finding her harmonica!
Nolin put together opposite puzzles.  I was impressed with her hard work here.  This girl loves puzzles.
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase H's.  She had two houses to add a door & windows to.
Nolin sorted hearts by color.
We decorated a "Thinking Hat".
Seriously, how cute is this little thinker?! :)
H is for Hippo
Nolin counted marshmallows to put in her hot chocolate.
Nolin used a hammer to smash chalk on a paper heart (Harris even had a few turns!).  After we finished, I sprayed the heart with hairspray so the chalk would stick.
The outcome - next time I think I would use fewer colors so it turns out less gray.  I would also probably spray the heart with hairspray before starting, instead of only after. 
One must put chalk on her face, of course!
I made a helicopter landing pad out of cardboard.  I called out letters for Nolin & she landed the helicopter on the correct letter.  After the letters, I called out the letter sounds, & then I showed her the letter signs.  She did really great with all three! 
I called out numbers for Nolin to stamp on the heart.  I also had her practice counting to each number.
H is for House!  Nolin turned a large H into a house.
Our sensory table this week was H20! :)  We added color tablets to the water & mixed colors to see what new colors would appear.  Nolin & Harris both enjoyed this activity!

Nolin also played Letter Hopscotch, but I didn't get a picture of this fun game!

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