Friday, September 13, 2013

Harris-Led Weaning

Just after Harris turned six months old, he began taking an interest in food. He actually took an interest in eating anything - paper towel rolls, tissues... Eeeek!  So one night we just decided to give him his first piece of food - a carrot. This is actually the same first food we gave Nolin. It was not a cooked carrot, so it was hard. We basically started with it so he can get used to holding foods & bringing them to his mouth. He really enjoyed gnawing on it. (I would say it helps with teething too!)

We slowly began giving him some foods to experiment with & to taste.  Here are some of his firsts...

Food #1 - Carrot
Food #2 - Banana
Food #3 - Strawberry
Food #4 - Apple
Food #5 - Avocado
Learning about a sippy cup!
Harris took a couple of months to really get into eating.  I guess he wasn't so sure he needed food, since he has Momma's milk!  When we would give things to him to try, he would always make the funniest face, like the food was really sour.  It didn't matter what it was, he made the face.  :)  Now that he is eight months old, he is eating pretty well.  He still makes the funny face sometimes & even shakes, like he is shivering.  It is really cute!  But, overall, he is eating what we give him.  We were worried at first that Harris would be a picky eater.  He didn't seem to want what we were giving him.  But now he is doing pretty well.  Hopefully he will become a good eater like his sister!


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