Monday, September 30, 2013

Nine Months - Harris William

Harris is nine months old!

September 29, 2013 - Nine Months Old
After Harris turned eight months old, he really started moving.  He is non-stoppable now!  Harris' eight month of life was really a big leap for him.  He went from barely crawling, to being an expert crawler, to standing & walking behind a push toy.  He recently even started to cruise the furniture & he is pulling up on everything!  This boy may surprise us & walk before we expect...

Harris loves to laugh.  He has the sweetest little grin anytime he sees his mommy, daddy, or big sissy.  Nolin can really get Harris going.  He really looks up to her already.  Harris is also doing some talking.  He is mostly repeating things like, "mama" & "dada".

There is still no sign of a tooth!  Harris continues to sport a sweet little gummy smile!  Maybe one day he will have teeth...

Harris is eating a lot more now.  He no longer makes the funny face over everything we give him.  He doesn't always do so well with solid foods, so we have been giving him a lot of purees so he gets his little belly full.  We are still giving him small bites of what we are eating too though.  At some point he will need to eat more solids.  I have been afraid to introduce him to dairy, since he was so sensitive to dairy in my diet.  He has had a taste of Nolin's yogurt though & he really seemed to like it!

I am still breastfeeding Harris.  He nurses several times a day & also eats at least three regular meals.  I have been able to leave Harris a little now, since he will eat food.  Paul can keep him to allow me to run out for a bit.  It is nice to have a little freedom.  But Harris is usually ready to nurse when I get home!

We are still struggling with nighttime sleep.  Just when I think I've gotten him into a better habit, things get worse again.  I think Harris is just not a good sleeper.  Hopefully we can just survive the next year or so & then he will sleep better.  Fingers crossed...

Harris absolutely loves music!  It is so funny to watch him when music comes on.  He just throws his hands in the air & starts bouncing & wiggling to the music.  It is seriously one of the sweetest things to watch.

Harris also enjoys riding in the shopping cart now.

One of the funniest things that Harris is doing right now is eating my face.  At least that is what it seems like he is trying to do!  Almost every time I pick him up, he opens his mouth & roots for something - usually us finds my chin or my nose.  He is actually biting down on my chin is a good thing he doesn't have teeth yet!  I'm not sure if he is trying to give kisses or what, but it is funny.  :)


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