Saturday, August 31, 2013

Remlinger Farms

This past weekend we took the kids to a local farm/family fun park, Remlinger Farms.

We really enjoyed it!  We weren't sure what to expect, but we had heard several people talk about it.  Nolin loved riding all of the rides.  This was her first amusement park experience.  It was perfect, since it was smaller scale rides that were more for younger children & toddlers.

We went with some friends, so Nolin & her buddy, Ren, got to ride most of the rides together.  They really enjoyed spending time with each other.  :)

Our favorite ride was the old timey cars.  Nolin loved that she could sit in the front seat & "drive".  Harris even got to participate & be a backseat driver! ;)

Driving Miss Nolin
After riding rides & grabbing some lunch, we spent some time letting the kids play in they hay.  There was a maze & a huge area for jumping.  This seemed to be Nolin & Ren's favorite part of the day.  I guess they like to run free!  

But, probably the most important part of the day - Nolin & Ren's first roller coaster ride!  I think they both approved.  :)  Nolin was a little nervous on the first couple of hills, but by the third I think she was really starting to get into it.


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