Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eight Months - Harris William

My baby boy is eight months old!

August 29, 2013 - Eight Months Old
Harris finally rolled from his back to his belly just after he turned seven months old!  I was really beginning to think that I would always be able to keep him in one place by putting him on his back! ;)  But this is no longer the case - the boy is a crazy roller now!  Harris has hit a lot of milestones this month.  He is able to get around the living room by rolling & wiggling.  He gets up on his hands & knees & does some rocking.  He also does the down-dog yoga pose.  Haha!  Sometimes he hops forward trying to move & sometimes he will crawl, but he isn't super efficient at it yet.  I feel like it won't be too long before he is really crawling well.  Now Harris also goes from lying down to sitting up.  He is also doing some pulling up.  I need to get some more toys for him to pull-up on!  He absolutely loves to crawl on me & he loves to be in the standing position, holding our fingers.  He will even take a few steps holding our fingers.  We joke that he may walk before he crawls, but I think he will be crawling soon.

Little Dare Devil - standing in the wagon!
Harris is making lots of noises now.  He is saying a lot of "Mamamama".  Sometimes he just says, "Mama" & I'm pretty sure he is connecting it to me.  He also says lots of "Baba" & even said "Dada" one morning.  Paul loved it!  Harris loves squealing - especially when he & Nolin do it together.

Harris absolutely loves Nolin!  It is fun when the get to giggling together.  In the car he is always leaning his head forward to watch her.  He just thinks she is the coolest!

When it comes to food, Harris is still learning...he has learned how to chew & swallow, so he isn't gagging much anymore.  This makes me feel a lot better!  But, he makes the funniest face, no matter what we give him to eat.  I sure hope he isn't going to be a picky eater like me, but it is looking like that may be the case right now.  Food is definitely not on the priority list for Harris.  He nurses quite often still.  Of course he needs to since he isn't a big eater yet, so I don't mind.  You would think that Harris loved food, the way he grabs at it!

Harris thinks he should try a Japadog!
I'm still working on getting Harris to sleep better at night.  He no longer expects to nurse until about 4 hours after I've put him down for the night, but he still sometimes wakes in between that time.  :(  When he wakes & it has been around four hours, I bring him to bed with me & he nurses back to sleep.  After that, he expects to have an open bar most nights.  I try to give him the pacifier quite often, but sometimes it makes him pretty upset!  When he doesn't want it, he sometimes wakes up & just kicks around in bed in protest.  It is kind of funny, but kind of not since I would rather be sleeping! I still have hopes that one day the boy will sleep better!  I imagine nighttime weaning will be rough with him.  I guess only time will tell...

No teeth for Harris yet, but I feel like it shouldn't be long.  He has been pulling at his ear a little bit with no other symptoms, so I'm thinking it is possibly connected to teeth.  We will see...

Harris loves playing in the bath.  He will splash like crazy.  I think he is going to really enjoy water.

One of my favorite things about this boy...he is a cuddler!  I absolutely love that he likes to be close to me & loves to be worn.  :)

I also love his serious face. :)

We have been told by many people that Harris looks like a little man.  One person even told us he looks like a mini Anderson Cooper.  LOL


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