Friday, August 23, 2013

Vancouver, BC

The Markham Family recently took our first trip to Vancouver, BC in Canada.  We enjoyed a spur-of-the-moment trip with a couple of other families/friends.  It's neat to live so close to Canada that you can take a spur-of-the-moment trip!

Our first stop upon arriving in Vancouver was a street vender called Japadog.  Apparently this is a big deal...lots of celebrities eat here.  Harris thought he should participate in the hotdog-eating too (of course Momma's was plain)!  :)

We enjoyed some time on Granville Island.  There are lots of stores here & a market, but also lots of things to keep kids busy.  The kids enjoyed the indoor play area & also the playground outside.  The spray park would have been fun had it not been a bit dreary.

The kids enjoyed spending time with their friends...
Nolin with her friends - Ren & Jace
Harris with his friends - Enzo & Lucas
We also spent some time at Stanley Park.  This was such a great park.  There were lots of trails, a river walk, a spray park, playgrounds, restaurants, & even a train ride!  

This was supposed to be a Mommy & Daddy pick,
but someone was asleep on Mommy...

Train Ride with Daddy
Sleepy Little Man
The trip was super quick, but lots of fun!  But let me just say...when you can't use your cell phone & don't know where you're going, & are trying to keep three cars together in the crazy traffic of Vancouver, it's stressful!  LOL


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