Friday, May 3, 2013

Portland, OR

This past week Paul had a conference in Portland, Oregon, so the whole family tagged along with him. While Paul was in meetings, the kids & I went out to explore.  We enjoyed some time at the waterfront park, which happened to be right outside of our hotel.  It was a beautiful path next to the river with lots of grassy areas for relaxing. One part of the path also had little shops & restaurants.

We also spent a little time outdoors at a rose garden. It was very pretty, but the roses weren't blooming just yet.

One day we want to the children's museum. Nolin really enjoyed it. There was a huge lite-brite, water play, an animal hospital, a grocery store, a digging pot, & more. Nolin didn't want to leave!

Harris tagged along, but again, Momma didn't get many pictures of him. So of course I had to snap one in the hotel. :)

Portland seems like a great place. I am not crazy about trying to drive downtown though. Luckily I didn't run over any cyclists! ;)


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