Monday, April 29, 2013

Four Months - Harris William

Harris is four months old today!!

April 29, 2013 - Four Months Old
Harris is really becoming so alert.  He spends a lot of time awake during the day now.  He is always smiling too!  I am so glad that he is such a happy boy!  It is crazy how fast he seems to be growing.  Harris loves to sit up now.  If you lay him down, he is always trying to hold his head up.  I guess he will have strong abs!  Haha!  He is doing a great job sitting in the Bumbo seat.  He also sits up propped up by pillows now.  Harris doesn't get a whole lot of tummy time, but he is pretty content when I put him on his tummy.  He does great holding himself up then too.  He even does mini push-ups. Paul told me that Harris rolled over just recently from his back to his belly. I missed it - figures, since I am with him 99.9% of the time! Hopefully he will do it again soon!

Harris is able to hold onto things now.  He often grips the strings on my hoodie or even my hair.  He also can hold some of his toys now.  If there is anything near him, the boy will surely grab it! Sometimes he can't figure out how to let go of things & he gets frustrated. ;)

I love talking to Harris.  He gives the biggest sweetest smile when you talk to him & his eyes light up too!  He loves to squeal back at me.  Harris has also started laughing for us some.

The boy loves his hands!  He is constantly sucking on them or even chewing on them - that is when he isn't nursing.  I think that Harris is going to be a thumb-sucker (just like his Momma was).  He isn't very fond of the pacifier, but will take it some.  However, I often find him sucking on his thumb.  :)

When it comes to nursing, Harris is doing great - maybe too great!  The boy loves to nurse!  I think he would stay latched on 24-7 if I would let him.  I don't know if it is because I stay home with him or he hasn't had many bottles, but he seems to nurse all the time!  We co-sleep, so he wants to nurse all night long also.  Nolin used to co-sleep with me, but she would only wake to nurse once or twice.  This boy could nurse all night!  I know it isn't because he is hungry all the time.  He just likes the comfort.  Maybe as he grows we will sleep longer stints without nursing...

Paul just recently gave Harris his first bottle. Harris took about an ounce & a half from it. He wasn't interested in much after that. I think he nurses so often that he doesn't eat a whole lot at each feeding. It is hard to tell when I'm only nursing though. Luckily I think Harris would be okay if I were to leave him for a short time. He may not be happy at first, but he would be okay. :)

Unfortunately Harris has had his first cold. Nolin shared with him. :/ The joys of having an older sister... He has been as happy as ever, but he sounds so pitiful! Poor guy had a stuffy nose to start, then he developed a cough, & now he sounds a little gurgley. The doctor says that it is upper respiratory. There is nothing in Harris' lungs. The cold just has to run it's course. :( I sure hope it passes quickly!


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