Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go to Hold On

I've learned quite a bit staying home with my babies.  I've allowed myself to be a little less rigid & OCD about things. When I was working I felt like a strict routine/schedule was super important.  I felt like we all needed it since we had to go to work or the babysitter.  Now that I'm home full time, I worry a lot less about bedtimes & such.  We worked really hard on getting Nolin to sleep in her bed by herself once we moved into our new home in January.  But for a while now, she has been crying at bedtime.  We thought she was just extremely tired, but it turns out that she does not want to be alone.  So I've recently started laying down with her at bedtime & staying until she falls asleep.  Yes, some nights this is hard to do, seeing as we have two children, but how long will it be until my babies don't want to cuddle with me anymore?!  I'm so thankful to have such beautiful children (inside & out) & I'm glad that I'm learning to focus more on my time with them, rather than what I'm "supposed' to do according to parenting experts.  I would much rather have my baby girl falling asleep feeling happy & secure, instead of crying & scared.

I'm letting go of my obsessiveness to hold on to my babies a little bit longer... :)


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