Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Months - Harris William

Harris William is already five months old...slow down time!

May 29, 2013 - Five Months Old
Harris is growing like a weed!  It is crazy to see how much he is growing into his carseat & he is almost too big for his reclining bouncy seat.

He still really enjoys sitting up in the bumbo seat.  He always seems to turn sideways & hang over the side of it.  I guess that's just how he rolls... ;)  He also absolutely loves the jumperoo.  He really gets going in there!  

Harris is able to sit for very short periods on his own.  Then he just falls to the side or backwards!  :)  He clearly isn't in any big hurry to get moving though.  He is super content laying on his back.  He has rolled over a couple of times from his belly to his back, but I'm not sure he has done it the other way around yet.  Poor guy probably doesn't spend enough time on the floor or in tummy time b/c I'm afraid a certain toddler might plow over him!  Hopefully he will get to rolling soon though.  

He is such a happy boy.  He is almost always smiling & squealing.  Sometimes I can just look at him & he will start giggling.  Harris has the absolute sweetest little giggle!

He is really wanting things now too.  I can have anything in my hand & he practically lunges at it to grab it.  Of course, whatever it is immediately goes into his mouth!  It's fun to watch him playing with things now.  

I have been expecting a tooth or two to pop through for a few weeks now.  Still nothing though!  I'm not even sure I can see one yet.  Harris has been doing a lot of slobbering (which I know can last a while before teeth actually appear), but he has also been somewhat fussy (very unlike him) & loves to chew on his finger.   

Harris isn't sucking his thumb as much as I thought he might, but he has it in his mouth a lot to chew on it.  As for the pacifier, he is taking it a bit more.  I hate to force it, but if he won't take his thumb, he is going to have to take something to give me a break!  He doesn't mind the paci at times now though, so it's not really a fight.  But he only takes it when I give it to him to put him to sleep.  Harris falls asleep without the paci in the car, so he probably won't be too attached to it.

As for bedtime, lately I've been putting him to sleep & laying him down in the crib.  He isn't going but about 3 hours, if I'm lucky, but that is an improvement!  I'm just crossing my fingers that one day he will sleep longer.  :)  Sometimes when he wakes up I nurse him in the rocker & lay him back in the crib if I haven't gone to bed yet.  But, if I'm super sleepy, he joins me in bed.  He always ends up in the bed before the night is over though.  I don't mind the extra cuddles! :)

As for naps, he is taking them in his crib now, unless we are out of the house.  I usually don't have any trouble getting him down for naps.  

We haven't tried to give Harris any more bottles.  I figure that if I need to leave for a bit at night, I will nurse him first.  Of course, I will probably pump a little bit before I leave, just in case.  A few weeks ago I had to come home from a friends' gathering one night b/c Harris was not happy that I was gone.  I think that was just an off day though.  Hopefully he will give me a couple of hours every now & then!  

Harris is a super sweet boy & I am loving watching him grow!  


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