Friday, June 14, 2013

Denver, CO

Last week the kids & I went to Denver, CO with Paul to the American Democrary Project conference.  Paul goes every summer & it's usually in a great city, so we go with him when we can.

This was an experience, for sure.  It was difficult not having a vehicle & living out of a hotel room with a toddler & an infant.  Harris adopted a later bedtime, out of necessity - there was a rowdy toddler in the room that didn't allow him to go to sleep too early.  :)

We enjoyed meeting up with some friends from back home.  But the most memorable meetup was when Nolin saw the Shoemakers (her previous babysitter, Dacia, & family).  She enjoyed seeing them, but it took her some time to warm up to Terry.  :)

While Paul was in meetings, the kids & I explored a little bit.  One day we went to the aquarium with the Shoemakers.  Nolin enjoyed seeing all of the fish, sharks, eels, & even the ramdom lion!  She also enjoyed the carousel ride outside the aquarium.

One day, I took Nolin & Harris to the children's museum.  Harris napped on me while Nolin ran around the museum.  Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures.

Watering the carrots in the garden. :)
Harris woke up for a bit. ;)
We enjoyed some new restaurants while in Denver.  On our day of return, we had some time to kill before heading to the airport, so Nolin took her time at lunch.  She entertained us dancing & slowly eating an apple.

We also killed some time in Barnes & Noble while waiting for out flight.

Harris got a bit spoiled while we were away.  He sleeps with me most of the time anyway, but he enjoyed Mommy cuddles all night in Denver.

We had a late flight coming home, so we were worried about how the kids would do, but they both did great.


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