Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Nolin is always keeping things interesting around here.

For the longest time, Nolin would try to put all of her dolls & stuffed animals in bed with her. But one day, she decided she didn't want any of them in her bed or even her room!  She made us take all of the dolls & stuffed animals out of her room at bedtime every night. If we forgot any, she would get up & toss them into her playroom or outside her bedroom door. She even eventually started tossing out a stuffed animal that I had placed on her bookshelf. 

I guess it's not just the plush that are tossed out anymore. I opened up my bedroom door this morning to find her piggy banks were now evicted!  

This girl keeps me laughing!  I so wish I knew what was going on in her head sometimes! :)


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