Monday, March 18, 2013

Kidz Adventure

This weekend was a bit cool & rainy (yes, believe it!), so we had some indoor fun.  On Saturday we did a little consignment shopping in the morning. Then after Nolin's nap we enjoyed a yummy smoothie from Nolin's favorite place, Jamba Juice, before heading to Elevated Sportz in Bothell. This is a huge trampoline gym. There is a 4 story play structure there called Kidz Adventure that has the largest soft play place in Washington.  There is tons of climbing, swinging, sliding, etc.  Nolin had a lot of fun running around.  She actually was a little over-stimulated, I think.  She was not sure what she wanted to do!  I think her favorite part was a little teacup-like ride that spins.  It was hard to get great pictures, because Nolin was so active, but I got a few. 

Side note - baby girl is getting some crazy hair!  :)


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