Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seattle Adventures

Since we are in Seattle & pretty much everyone we know is anywhere but here, I thought I would start writing a weekend update each week.  :)  Our goal is to take Nolin & Harris somewhere every weekend for a family experience.  There is so much to do here, so we have a lot to choose from.  Some things are free & others can be costly.  But, we want to take advantage of everything here while we can.  Also, for those of you wanting to come visit, you can take notes for things we can do while you visit.  Hint, hint!  Come see us!  ;)

I'm behind on starting this, but I don't want to leave anything out, so this post will let you know what we've done thus far...

February 15th-18th: Downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, & Aquarium
Our first Seattle adventure was a big one.  We ventured to downtown Seattle.  Our plan was to go to the aquarium.  My mom was visiting, so we wanted to do something a little bit fun.  We actually didn't know we were going to downtown when we set out.  Turns out - that's where the aquarium is!  We parked right in the parking structure where Pike Place Market is located.  So, Paul wanted to check it out.  We didn't spend much time there, but it looked like it was pretty neat.  We will definitely go back when it is warmer.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat & headed over to the aquarium.  The aquarium was pretty neat.  None of us had ever been to one before.  We happened to plan our visit during Octopus week - that was pretty cool!  Those are some odd creatures!  Paul enjoyed touching all of the starfish & other sea life at one exhibit.  Nolin really enjoyed seeing all of the colorful fish.  Harris slept right through everything, except to nurse. 

February 22nd-24th: Ferry Boat, Bainbridge Island, & Kids Discovery Museum
This week we decided to take Nolin to the KiDiMu (Kids Discovery Museum) on Bainbridge Island, just off of Seattle.  There are several kids museums around, but we figured why not go to an island?!  We drove to downtown Seattle to get to the ferry boat.  The boat was huge!  I was a little anxious about the number of cars that fit.  We pulled the car on & then went up to the top of the boat.  There is a sitting area inside & outside, as well as a little cafeteria.  It reminded us of a cruise ship, only a bit smaller & less glamorous!  :)  It was quite windy this day, so we couldn't sit outside for long, but we managed to go out for a little bit.  This trip was probably worth just riding the 30 minute ferry boat.  However, we walked around the small town on Bainbridge Island, grabbed a bite to eat, & then headed to the kids museum.  Nolin really enjoyed the museum.  She played with a huge light bright, did some art, played in a a big sandbox, played in a tree house, & played at the pretend grocery store.  It was a pretty neat museum, but I've heard the kids museum right here in Everett is even better.  We will be taking Nolin there soon!

outside the museum
ferry boat ride

March 1st-3rd: WiggleWorks
It was still cold outside this weekend, so we searched for another fun indoor activity.  I came across a place called WiggleWorks, but I really didn't know much about it.  We figured, why not check it out?  It is located inside a mall between here & downtown Seattle.  We figured we could at least walk around the mall to get Nolin out, if the play place was a bust.  But, it was by no means a bust!  When we arrived, I had to put Nolin on a waiting list!  We went ahead & grabbed dinner while we waited.  Then we were finally able to play.  This was a really cool indoor play place.  Everything in the play area moves.  There was also a bouncy area & an area with balloons flying around.  I wish I had gotten more pictures, but Nolin was all over the place! :)

March 8th-10th: Country Village Shops, Saint Edwards State Park, & Marymoor Dog Park
This weekend was sunnier, so we wanted to venture outside as much as possible.  On Saturday morning we started out by visiting the Country Village Shops in Bothell.  This is a place that Paul drives by on the way to & from work daily.  It reminds me a bit of Gatlinburg, TN.  I imagine in the warmer weather, the place is packed.  There were great outdoor areas where live music happens, ducks & roosters roaming freely, a little lake, & a children's play area complete with real horses & a train ride.  Nolin enjoyed the playground, but we were too early for the train or horse rides.  We will have to go back for that.  Our favorite place in this neat little area, though, was the toy store.  It was nothing like Toys R'Us.  This toy store is called, Toys That Teach.  Everything in the store was educational & nothing that we found took batteries.  Paul & I had a blast in the store!  :)

On Saturday afternoon, we took Nolin to a park - Saint Edwards State Park.  This park is on the grounds of an old Catholic Seminary.  There is a huge play area for kids to play, an enormous green space for running & picnics, & tons of wooded trails.  Harris slept while Nolin played on the playground.  Then we walked around on some of the easier family trails.

On Sunday, we wanted to do something for Kai, since we haven't taken him to any dog parks here in Seattle yet.  So, we ventured out to the Marymoor Dog Park.  Marymoor Park is a huge place.  There is actually a Subway restaurant located there.  The last few weekends Cirque du Soliel has even been holding a show there!  We only visited the dog area this time, but we plan to go back in the future for playtime & even a family picnic.  The dog park was great.  It was a huge area with walking trails & even a river for the dogs.  Kai loved it!  It was sprinkling rain shortly after we arrived, so we didn't stay long.  We will definitely go back in the warmer weather, though. 

ready to go...
old seminary at the state park

trail at the dog park
Note to self - take some pictures of Harris on our adventures! :)

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