Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Review - 3/11

This week we spent more time outside enjoying this sunshine & warmer weather.  Nolin is already loving the outdoors!  We spent a lot of time outside Friday afternoon "walking" around the yard & checking out the garden.

We enjoyed more time outside on Saturday.  Nolin is still not fond of the grass!

Nolin won a challenge on Instagram this week!  There is a social app on the iPhone called Instagram that is for photography.  I downloaded it by chance back in July & quickly became addicted!  I enjoy posting pictures of Nolin & socializing with others around the world - mostly other Moms.  There are contests for your photography & this week Nolin won an editing challenge!  We have won a couple before & been a finalist several times.  Nolin has also been featured on several of the communities on Instagram before.  I have really gotten into photography through this app.  I am hoping to purchase a good camera before long.  All of the pictures I have on Instagram are from my iPhone camera.

We took Nolin for a ride in her diaper bag.  She's not so sure about it...

Nolin took up cooking.  This is great, because she can cook dinner now when Daddy isn't home!  :)

I found a neat new app to play with!

I also joined Top Baby Blogs to hopefully get more readers for my blog.  Why not?!  If you want to help out, click on the link below to vote for our blog!  :)  You can vote once a day if you would like.  There is also a link in the sidebar.  :)

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There were some other firsts for Nolin, but I have to save some things for her monthly update!  :)


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