Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Review - 3/18

This week I was lucky enough to enjoy two days off of work & stay home with Nolin.  Too bad it was rainy a lot of the time!  Nolin still enjoyed squirrel watching through the window.

We did get to enjoy a little bit of time outside.  I was excited to see our tulips blooming!  I should also mention that I love this time change!!  :)

On Tuesday I spent the day at a reading training & learned a few new things.  That night my family came over for a bit & we ordered pizza for dinner.

Also on Tuesday night we watched my alma mater, WKU come back to win their first game in this year's NCAA tournament.  It was a pretty exciting game!  Then we watched as WKU took on UK Thursday night.  I was torn during this game, since I was raised a UK fan & went to Western!  UK went on to win, but Western's future looks bright!  Nolin enjoyed a snack while watching a little bit of the game with us. 

On Friday night I spent some much needed time with some of my best friends.  We don't get together very often, but we have a blast when we do! 

We also broke down this week & put up a baby gate that a friend loaned us.  It is a nice one with a door, so it can be opened & closed.  We like for Nolin to explore, but sometimes we would rather she explore in one room!  :)

We ended the weekend with a short trip to Paul's parents house on the farm.  Tomorrow is one of Nolin's Papa's birthday, so we enjoyed a birthday visit. 


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